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Frozen armadillo beating blows the lid off Texas'
black market, Craigslist armadillo trade

Texas is making national news for what is an unquestionably bizarre crime: A Dallas man beat a 57-year-old woman with a frozen armadillo, in a haggling gone terribly awry. As KDFW reported, the altercation (which has only come out this week) actually took place in late September, with the woman planning to buy the frozen armadillo to eat. The two began to argue over the price in an apartment complex parking lot, and "the man twice threw the armadillo at the woman. The animal first struck the woman in the leg and then in her chest." The woman suffered bruises, and the man who is still on the loose could face assault charges. Armadillo meat is apparently something of a delicacy, popular in Central and South America and in the United States during the Great Depression. It is eaten "baked, barbecued, or turned into chili," in spite of a Texas law that prohibits the sale of live armadillo. And in disregard to the animal's link to leprosy. All it takes is a quick Craigslist search to learn that it's possible to purchase live or slaughtered 'dillos, as well as jerky, by questionable means. Who knew?